This document will walk you through the basic elements of a review request flow in Drip. By the end, your flow should look like this:

First, create a new workflow and define a trigger. Use Drip > Performed a custom event as the trigger action. Then enter Junip - Order Fulfilled as the custom event.

Next, add a filter on the trigger that ensures all_items_reviewed is false. This prevents us from asking customers to review products that they've already reviewed in the past.

Once the trigger has been set up, add a time delay to ensure your customers have had enough time with the product to feel confident about leaving a review (e.g. 14 days).

After the delay, add a "Decision" that checks if the customer left a review during the delay period that you set up. Choose Performed an event > Junip - Review Created > In the last... > 14 days.

If the customer did leave a review, make sure they exit the flow. Otherwise, send an email that asks them to leave a review. Check out this document - it describes how to create a review request email template in Drip.

.... aaaanndddd you're done!

You now have a simple Drip workflow that will ask customers to leave a review after their order has been fulfilled!

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