In this document, we'll learn how to create a basic product review template in Drip. This is intended as a guideline to help you get started, feel free to make modifications according to your business and branding needs!

1. Create a new visual template

First up, navigate to Templates and create a new visual email template. Give it a name like "Product review request".

2. Add a personalized greeting

Add some heading text that greets the customer.

Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }}!

Prompt them to leave a review:

Take a second to review your recent purchase.

Next, add a spacer under the text. Your template should look like this so far:

3. Display the products you want the customer to review

This is the most complicated step. Add a text block and then click the < > icon. This allows us to edit the underlying HTML for this section of the email. Paste this into the modal:

{% for item in event.order_line_items %}
<p style="text-align: center">
<img src="{{ item.image_url }}" width="250px" />
<p style="text-align: center">
<a href="{{ item.review_url }}">
{{ }}
{% endfor %}

Click OK on the modal. Your template should look like this:

Don't worry, it won't look like this when the email gets sent to your customers! 🙈

4. Finish the email with a CTA

Add another spacer after the ugly looking block that you just created and some text clarifying what you want the customer to do:

Click a product title or the button below to leave a review!

Next, add a button with the text "Leave a review". Fill out the button's link with this:

{{ event.order_review_url }}

Now your template should look like this:

5. Hook it up to a workflow

Your template is done! Try adding it a product review flow. When the email gets triggered by a "Junip - Order Fulfilled" event, it should look like this:

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