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Google Shopping - Product Reviews & Ratings
Google Shopping - Product Reviews & Ratings
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As an official Google Shopping partner, Junip is able to automatically syndicate Product Reviews into your Product Listings in Google.

Reviews consistently improve your conversion rate on both organic search in Shopping & in your Product Listing Ads.


  • You must have at least 50 total verified product reviews in order to participate.

  • Junip is obligated to send all reviews to Google Shopping, including rejected reviews.

  • Your product catalog and Google Shopping feed should use the same product names.

  • For best results, each product in your catalog must have either a GTIN or Brand+MPN pairing for each applicable product. Learn more about strong identifers in Google.

Getting Started

We strongly encourage you to edit your product catalog to ensure each product uses strong identifiers prior to pushing reviews to Google. This increases the likelihood of Google successfully matching the reviews to your product.

  1. To enable syndication, head to Admin > Settings > Syndication settings

  2. If your Product Catalog in Junip does not have valid GTINs or Brand + MPN pairings, edit your catalog to include them

  3. After you've updated your product catalog, click "Push reviews to Google Shopping" and we'll begin syncing!

It can take the Google Shopping team up to a few weeks to begin displaying reviews, but after that reviews will continue to automatically update.

turning on Google Shopping syndication in Junip

And now you should have reviews in Google Shopping! 🎉

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