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So you got an amazing review & want to tell the world.

Until now, the only real option was to take a screenshot of the on-site view, moderation, or even the notification emails… while none of those options were all that great, many of you persevered & still shared!

We want to make this easy - so we've added a share option to the Manage Reviews section of Junip.

Whenever you click a review in Admin, you'll see an option both at the top of the screen & bottom right to "share"

Clicking this will bring up a dialogue box where you'll see a preview of your review share. You'll be able to adjust the image size depending on where you want to share to.

Before you save, you can also Customize the star and background colours to make sure the share is still on-brand.

If the review has an image attached, we know you'll want to show that off, so we can include that in the review share as well!

Whether you're tweeting these reviews, adding them to an email template, or posting them on your brand's instagram stories / highlights, we're excited to see them!

A few examples of brands using these in the wild:

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