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New event names for integrations
New event names for integrations

We updated event names for integrations as of June 2022

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When you integrate Junip with marketing platforms like Klaviyo or Postscript, we send events to those partners which allows you to send review messages through their platform. At the end of May 2022, we moved merchants to our new Flows experience to offer a better way to collect reviews and we also updated our event naming to better reflect these changes.

The bottom line:

We need to move all accounts over to the new events as the old events are being phased out, this will ensure you can continue to use Junip for all your review needs and leverage new features that Junip releases going forward.

We've already moved most accounts over, but there are some that are connected to integrations that require a few extra steps to move over in order to be able to do it seamlessly. Namely, it involves updating the flow triggers in your Klaviyo, Postscript, etc. accounts so that they can work with the new events.

Our team will handle all of the heavy lifting for this change, all we need from you is temporary access to your integrations and your explicit approval to move forward. If you are still using the old events, you should have received an email or notice in your admin so that we can help you get moved over!

Comparison of event names

Legacy event name

New event name

Junip - Order fulfilled

Junip - Review request

Junip - Review created

Junip - Review submitted

Junip - Order targeted by campaign

Junip - Review request by campaign

Junip - Incentive rewarded

This event info has been added to the "Junip - Review submitted" event

This event info used to be included in the "Junip - Review created" event

Junip - Review confirmation required

Aside from the event naming, the biggest change here is whether or not you have a separate incentive event and confirmation event. New events have their incentive info included in the "Review submitted" event, while confirmation info has its own event. The info is the same, the only difference is naming and which event they're included in.

These updates are meant to make it even easier for brands to understand the events we are sending to integration platforms, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

You might want to check out this guide to add integrations to your flows in Junip or the one that lists the different variables for each of these new events (if you're looking for variables for legacy events - that's here).

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