We strongly encourage you to edit the copy in your review request templates! Brands that show their voice in requests see a higher submission rate (and happier customers!). To edit a template, just head to Messages & choose the template you'd like to edit.

You'll notice in the above example, you can edit the subject line & copy in every major section. Changes are visible in real time on the righthand side. Just make sure to hit 'save' so you don't lose your creation!

If you're on the Standard plan, you can choose to create a new HTML template from scratch.

Just hit 'Enable custom HTML' in the top lefthand side of the template page. While creating your template, you'll want to remember to make use of the variable reference on the lefthand side.

The '{{{footer}}}' variable is mandatory, as it contains your address & an unsubscribe link. Both mandatory under email rules in nearly every major jurisdiction.

Good luck with the copy edits, let us know what you come up with! โœ

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