Note: Product groups is only available on the Standard plan & higher

Product groups allow you to share reviews across multiple different products.

Groups should only be used in cases where two or more products are functionally the exact same. Some examples would be:

Ex 1: a product for subscription purchase & the same product listed for one time purchase

Ex 2: a product with different sizes that is using multiple listings instead of variants

These are variants of the same product, but for unique reasons need to be represented as different products.

To create & manage product groups, head to the products section of admin.

In product groups, there is a primary product and there are member product(s).

When you click on a given product, you'll see the option to create a product group.

The first product in a group always becomes the primary product.

1. Head to the products section
2. Click on the product which will become your primary product
3. Click on More actions and then Create group
4. Scroll down & select the product(s) you'd like to add

You'll notice in the example we broke our own rule. Obviously "banana bread" & "normal bread" shouldn't be grouped, but you'll excuse us for bending the rules on the demo.

Happy grouping! 👫

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