Product Groups (bundle & family)
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Note: Product groups is only available on the Standard plan & higher

Junip has two ways for you to group products together to display reviews:

  • Families: sharing reviews two-ways, for cases where the exact same product is listed twice (ie. subscription vs one-time purchase, different colors etc)

  • Bundles: sharing reviews up from individual products into a bundle you've created on your storefront

To create & manage product groups, head to the Groups section of Admin, found under "Products" on the lefthand navigation.

Creating a Family

Families allow you to group products that are in reality, the same, but on your commerce platform technically listed as separate SKUs (different color, subscription vs one-time).

  1. Hit "Create Group" & select "Family"

  2. Name your Family

  3. Hit "Add Products" and select the products you'd like to include from the screen

  4. Celebrate! πŸ‚

Creating a Bundle

Bundles allow you to share reviews up from the component products in a bundle, to aggregate on a single bundle.

  1. Hit "Create Group" & select "Bundle"

  2. In the top block, select your bundle from the list of products

  3. In the main section, select all of the component products that are included in the bundle

  4. Celebrate! ✨

Happy grouping! πŸ‘«

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